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About Us

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portrait of founder of petite clothing brand

Pro Hac Vice was borne out of my own struggles shopping as a petite woman. I’m 5’1 and I was tired of the constant disappointment of finding an item I loved, trying it on, and putting it back on the rack because it didn’t fit my petite frame. I found petite options to be boring, low-quality, or an afterthought of a brand’s primary line. I felt like I was always either settling for a subpar fit, buying something I didn’t really love, spending a fortune on tailoring, or simply attempting to accept my very limited wardrobe.

As someone who has always loved fashion, I wanted to wear clothes that allow me to express myself and my personal style, and I knew other petite women must feel the same way.  Pro Hac Vice makes well-fitting clothing with feminine silhouettes, unexpected details, and high-quality fabrics -- clothes that petite women will actually be excited to wear.

I invite you to join us on our journey and our growing community of stylish petite women.


Jenna Loyal, Founder & CEO, Pro Hac Vice