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So, what does "petite" mean?

Did you ever wonder “what does petite mean?”

Petite clothing is created for women who are 5’4” or shorter in the United States – which is about the average height of American women; however, there are so many misconceptions about this size category – as well as severely lacking options. Here are a few things to know about petite sizing.

  • Petite sizing is not only for thin women. Petite refers to height and proportions, not necessarily weight.
  • It takes more than just shortening or hemming clothing made for average or tall women to get a good fit for a petite frame – so many of the design details need to be altered. As many petite women have experienced, long hems are not the only problem. In addition to hems that drag, there is often too much fabric in the torso of tops and dresses, armholes that are too big, unflattering pocket placements, sleeves that are way too long, and straps on dresses and tank tops that constantly slip off the shoulder, among other issues. We fit all of our clothes on a petite model to address these issues.
  • Petite is a common size category even outside of the U.S. In many places around the world, the average height of a woman is undedr 5'4".