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Pro Hac Vice is a new NYC-based clothing brand for petite women 5’4” and under. We make well-fitting petite clothing with feminine silhouettes, unexpected details, and high-quality fabrics. Our greatest passion is to make clothes that petite women will actually be excited to wear. Our first petite dress collection was developed and produced locally by a women-led design team and factory.

We've created this brand with three core pillars in mind. 


You are petite, but you fill the room.

Pro Hac Vice’s greatest passion is to make clothing that petite women will actually be excited to wear. To us, getting dressed can be one of the highest forms of self-expression. We want to help petite women embrace their own unique personal style – something that can be difficult with the limited clothing options available in petite sizes.

Our view is that whatever the occasion, whether you’re going to a fabulous party or running to the coffee shop, it’s worth dressing up for. Pro Hac Vice aims to make getting dressed and shopping as a petite woman a joy rather than a drag.

Pro Hac Vice embraces fashion forwardness while avoiding chasing every trend. You can expect feminine silhouettes, unexpected and unique details, and high-quality fabrics.

Finally, Pro Hac Vice is all about dressing petite women with big ideas who aren’t afraid to take up space.


Access to well-fitting, high-quality clothing shouldn’t be subject to a height requirement.  We understand that a great petite fit involves more than just shortening a hem. With that in mind, we do multiple fittings with petite fit models so that our items fit your body.


Pro Hac Vice is taking a thoughtful approach to design, development, and production. In today’s world where “more” is often equated with “better,” our philosophy is the opposite.

Pro Hac Vice is creating special pieces slowly and in small quantities, considering each detail that goes into our items. Our goal is to iterate based on customer feedback and data – for example, re-releasing favorite styles in different fabrics and creating new designs based on what petite women actually want to buy and wear.

Each item in our first petite dress collection is available in limited quantities and has been designed, developed, and produced locally by a women-led design team and factory.